Monday, July 7, 2008

Find four differences in these pictures

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of "Rockband." But, I can't say I'm such a big fan that I have taken a picture of myself playing the game for me to forever look at and think, "Here is a picture of me being a star!!!" Yes, I know that's not really why anyone plays the game. The game is designed to put the players on the concert stage and in the shoes of a real rock star. Your progress is tracked by percentage of accuracy and your number of fans. However, in playing the game, and seeing the pictures people take of themselves playing the game, I have noticed a few major differences. Look at these two pictures. Picture 1 was posted by weird people onto Photobucket. Picture 2 (posted on GhettyImages) was taken at a Foo Fighters concert at the Wiltern Theatre in LA. Can you find all 4 differences?

Picture 1:
Picture 2:

I hope all the letters I added to the pictures helped you find those differences, but let me explain why these are differences.

A. Look at Dave Grohl's face, and look at the blase faces of all 4 people shown in picture 1. What's missing? Emotion. I'm not saying that the veins in your neck need to explode in order to be a real rock star, but it trumps the don't-talk-to-me-while-I'm-concentrating expression the home-owners have. Also, look at Dave's posture. If you were at this concert, you wouldn't know when he's going to run around stage and jump and kick--simple activity. The people in picture 1 look like they are trying to make shoe impressions in the carpet.

B. Wardrobe--skin, to be specific. You can't be a real rock star unless you are really sweaty and have gross chest hair. In picture 2, the drummer (Taylor Hawkins) is shirtless and sweaty. In case you are too embarrassed to show your own skin, animal skins, by default, should be your back-up. There isn't any leather in picture 2, but think of your classic rockers and the cow skin is in there. In picture 1, our players are wearing hoodies and turtle-necks.

C. Sound. Is there a law stating that when you play Rockband that you have to turn the sound system up as loud as possible? This is the only similarity to imitating an actual band. Decibels help quench the singer's apprehension and shyness when they are unable to hear their own performance, but there aren't any screaming fans in your buddy's living room. The reason for the difference in the pictures are a surround sound speaker versus a huge sub woofer.

D. Lighting. Yah, this is a stretch, but it would really help the ambiance if there were lasers and pyrotechnics. Sure, it would open the door to lawsuits and stuff if Rockband was sold with flame kit that would attach to the sides of the sofa, but you have to ask yourself what is more important: living the rock star dream, or living with the neighbors until the house is rebuilt and the insurance check comes? Big checks--now that's living like a rock star!!!