Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change... boooo.....

Change is not my favorite thing. In fact I try hard to make things not change. However one thing I can not stop from changing is my family.

It all started a few years ago when my brother Jason decided he was done with Utah and moved back to California to continue with his schooling. He was the first to leave. I could handle one brother leaving, it was a bummer, but I had three others here to fill the void. Now my brother Tim has found a job in Santa Barbara and is leaving Utah this weekend. I thought I would be ok with it, I was wrong. My brother Steve thinks he is done with Utah too and is planning on moving to Texas as soon as he can. Now I am really unhappy. I will only have one brother here, ONE! I went from four to one in a matter of months! If my oldest brother decides to leave Utah, I just might die!

In honor of Tim leaving we had a little dinner at Steve's house on Sunday. We had a great time, but saying goodbye was not fun. Although Tim did point out that he's not leaving for good and it's not like I will never see him again, but it's still change.

The blue ring

Gwen held on to this plastic blue ring all day on Monday. It was hilarious.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have to post some new pictures of Gwen too. She's just so cute. She is starting to laugh and yell, which is just hilarious!

Gardens and such

This year Brett and I wanted something more than trying to grow veggies in pots on our patio, so we decided to buy a plot in the community garden. We finally had time to plant it. We were both a little hesitant to get started because it's a large space and the people in charge of it seemed to be very intense about the whole thing. So we just had to dive right in. We took both the girls and had a delightful day gardening. We planted corn, peas, watermelon, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, garlic, pumpkins and tomatoes. I think we are still going to plant some potatoes too. Hopefully we will have a huge harvest to share!

Sunday was also my very first Mother's Day. It was quite uneventful. I am so grateful to have our little girl. She's absolutely perfect and makes life so much more fun. Notice her little skirt, so freaking cute!!