Monday, December 17, 2007

Another year down, eternity to go...

That's right, another year of wedded bliss has been celebrated. Brett and I were married 2 years ago yesterday. In celebration of the blessed event, we slept in, stayed in our pj's all day, skipped church and slept most of the day. Then we made ginger bread houses and ate Wendy's. We're high class people. Can't get much more fancy than Wendy's for a special dinner.

We think my gingerbread house is the best. Brett thinks his looks like a 1970's Ogden, Utah home. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not very exciting. But you be the judge. Mine has the candy cane fence.

We had a great day and I'm so grateful for such an amazing, loving and kind husband. I still wonder everyday why he choose me, but I sure am glad he did!!

I love you babe!

Monday, December 3, 2007


My brother Steve and his family had their new adopted daughter sealed to them this weekend. Here are some cute pictures of the family.

These next three are my favorites!!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...

Stella started losing her puppy teeth, thank goodness, those are sharp little suckers. We tried to take a picture of her big dog teeth, she didn't really like it much, but we did it anyways. We think she may need braces.

My sister Dana, sent Stella a cute little sweater that her dog Baxter used to wear. We thought Stella would hate it. She did at first, but now I think she quite enjoys it. She only wears it when she goes out for a potty break. Oh and she LOVES the snow. She's discovered that she can eat it, so that's what she does instead of going potty. It's pretty freaking annoying!! But she has gotten so big! She almost weighs 10 pounds now!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Sunday was my birthday, my 28th birthday! I was excited until I was asked to speak in church. It sucked, but Brett and I did well with our talks. After church I put on my party shoes and we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was so good!!! When we got home there was a cupcake with a candle in it at our door. Some women from church brought it by for me. I had a nice day, but has anyone noticed how birthday's just aren't that exciting once you get older?

Stella and Cash

We took Stella with us to visit Brett's family. She loved being up there where she could run around in a bigger house and in a huge yard and not worry about cars. Cash, Brett's parent's dog, did NOT like Stella. He would growl and sometimes even try to bite her. That didn't stop her from tormenting Cash though.

Brett's mom and dad just loved Stella. Jan fed her Beggin' Strips every few minutes and unfortunately those little strips gave Stella the smelliest toots ever! But she loved them!

And here's the tree!

Thanksgiving and the tree

Brett and I went to Idaho for Thanksgiving, we had a really good time. We went to his grandparent's house for dinner. I thought I would be awesome and make some rolls for the dinner. Let me first say, I am usually an awesome baker and cook, but I RUINED these rolls. Not sure how it happened, but they SUCKED! I followed the recipe exactly, but they were awful. I was so embarrassed. Well, I was more embarrassed when my brother-in-law later mentioned that his fiance works at the Lion House Bakery and makes these very same rolls every day. Then I felt slightly mortified. Oh well, I tried!

The day after, we went to cut down a tree in the mountains. It was freezing! Brett had put all my snow gear in the car and we were ready to go. Then we realized we were taking a different car, so I asked Brett to put my stuff in the new car. He said he did, so off we went. Yeah well, he didn't put my snow gear in the new car. So there I was in my jeans and Uggs, trying to climb a mountain to find the perfect tree. If any of you have ever owned a pair of Uggs, you know that they have zero traction, so I kept slipping and falling all over the place. It was actually kind of funny.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a difference a year makes

May of 2006 I finally changed my last name, and therefore got a new drivers license. I looked awful, and who knows why I chose to wear a tan colored sweater. And one last question, where did my neck go?

October of 2007, I had to change my address on my drivers license. Sure I didn't have to get an entirely new license, but I hated the above picture, so I wanted a new one. And... drum roll please..... The new and improved Tara, one year later and almost 40 pounds thinner!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What's the Point?

Halloween used to be fun. Now, at 28, what's the point. We don't have kids, we don't have friends, so what do you do on all Hollow's Eve?

Here's what you do... you go to the gym, because most people have something to do on Halloween, so it's totally empty, then you go to Albertson's, again, because most people have something to do, so it's totally empty, then you go to bed at 9. It was a great night! No one was around to bug us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas Challenge: Week 3 Weigh In

Well, I've decided to start a new blog about my weight loss stuff., if you'd like to see my progress, go there!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stella's gettin' sa big!

She weighs a whopping 4.4 lbs now!! She's doubled her size in a month! Now if she would stop peeing on Brett, our bed, and our feather comforters, she would be the best dog EVER!

Emma O'Higgs

My good friend, old roommate and law school grad came to town for a short visit last week. It was so fun to see her and I can't freaking believe she graduated from law school! Good luck on the bar Emma and I'll pray for you to meet and marry a rich man so you never have to use that degree! HA!

P.S. Remind me never to wear that vest again! I look like a polygamist or pilgrim!


A few months ago Brett and I made our annual trip to Yellowstone National Park. This time we went through Jackson Hole to visit our friend Jared first. He came with us through the park the first day, but the second day it was just me and Brett. The third night we stayed at Brett's grandfather's cabin in Island Park and spent the day in West Yellowstone. We went into every store on the main street, and it only took us about 2 hours! It's a small town! We had to go through Grand Teton National Park to get to Yellowstone from Jackson, that was a real treat! It was so beautiful!!

We have enjoyed going to Yellowstone for the past 2 years, but we think next year we are going to try Glacier National Park. Here are some pics from our trip.