Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm fallin' apart!

First, I broke my finger on my leg while working out and required 3 pins to repair it. It still doesn't bend, 3 months later. Pictures are on my other computer, so you are spared from that nightmare.

Now, my knee is screwed. I get to have knee surgery next Tuesday. I thought working out was supposed to make me stronger and better.... 

Can't wait to share some awesome post knee surgery pics!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A day with baby animals.

Too much has happened to even begin to update. So I'll just skip to these cute picture.

We tried to go to the zoo last week but when we pulled up the line was so long I thought we were at Disneyland. So we went to This is the Place. They have an awesome petting "zoo". The kids loved it.

She wanted to ride the pony. She cried in line because she wanted to be on the pony so badly. Then she got on the pony and immediately brokedown and wanted off. So like the good mom I am, I took a picture first, then got her off.


Such a happy family. I left the house in my workout clothes that day. I looked awesome. Sweaty and totally gross. Maybe that's why they look so happy... stinky mommy.

Yep, we bought it.

Alright, alright! I'll post something to this abandoned blog!

So we bought a house. It's awesome. Then I quite my job.... hopefully we get to keep this house! HA!

Here's a picture of the outside. We closed on Halloween, Brett was Star Man, he looks creepy.