Saturday, May 29, 2010

Like father like daughter

Ok, anyone who says Gwen doesn't look like Brett is smoking crack!

Gweezie Breezie

Her first full pony tail!!!

The Great Northwest

Two weeks ago we drove up to Seattle for Brett's best friend's wedding. We thought it was a genius idea to drive through the night, (thinking G would sleep the whole way, HA!). Gwen thought she was being attacked so she was awake and grumpy and needed me to hold her hand from about 1am to 4am. That was a delight. We made it to our hotel close to noon the next day. Brett had driven the whole way so he was exhausted. We didn't get to do much that day because he had to catch up on his sleep.

The next day we went visited his friend, ran some wedding errands and went to the best seafood restaurant ever! Chinooks. Ahhhhh..... sweet Chinooks. I first enjoyed the wonder of this restaurant when I went to Portland and Seattle for work a few months ago, so I was SOOOO excited to go again. We sat outside and had delicious food. Then we walked along the docks and looked at the boats. We also spent some time at the Space Needle and the park around it. Gwen had a blast on the carousel and in the huge fountain. That night we had some more wedding stuff and Brett had his friend's bachelor party. He was out until almost 5am, that's FIVE AM! Boys are weird.

The next morning was the wedding. It was at the Seattle Temple. For some reason it was an hour and a half late. Which, had I not had bronchitis, a sinus infection and asthma, would not have been a huge problem. But since I was coughing so hard and totally miserable, it was a real pain in the tush to wait that long in a place where you are supposed to be quiet. The ceremony was beautiful, the sealer said great things. It's always nice to go to sealing and listen to the things that are said, you learn something new every time. Brett was the best mad so we had to stay for a few hours for pictures, then we were off to lunch with Brett's cousin, who also came for the wedding. After lunch we headed back for the reception. Brett says the reception was a lot of fun. I wouldn't know because as soon as we sat down, Gwen dumped a whole cup of juice on my lap. We didn't have her binky and she was pissed, so she and I went back to the hotel. I was so sad I didn't get to stay and enjoy the party.

The next day we headed back to Utah. It was a long, long, LONG drive. Gwen did a great job, as long as we gave her a little breather every couple of hours.

All in all it was a great trip, which could have been better had I not been so sick. We were very excited to see Brett's friend get married and to be a part of his day. We love Jeddy. And I decided that we need to move there. We're working on that part of it.

Princess on her throne

She loves the bathroom downstairs.

catch up

It's taken a while to get our pictures uploaded lately, but we finally did it, so here's a quick update.

After one of my recent early morning workouts I was sitting on the floor talking to Brett and the Monster decided she HAD to sit on my lap, so she jumped up and got comfortable.

She hates to brush her teeth, but she loves to play with the toothbrush.

Most comfortable sleeping position ever.