Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I should TRY to find the joy

But I just want to complain. I'm so freaking pregnant. I'm grumpy. Very grumpy. I'm sore all over. I'm tired. I'm bored. I'm mean to my little family which makes me sad. All of my nails have broken, which is not supposed to happen when I'm pregnant. I normally have awesome nails while I'm pregnant. I have a broken blood vessel on my cheek which looks terrible. I'm fat. I'm lonely. I'm stressed out about all that needs to be done before the baby is born. I'm stressed out about everything. I'm nervous about having MAJOR surgery to have this baby. I'm worried about being a mom to TWO small and very needy children. I could cry at the drop of a hat. I could scream at the drop of a hat. I can't believe how fat the contestants still are on The Biggest Loser and how stupid they all are. I hate that I can hear my neighbor's tv ALL THE TIME! I'm sad Gwen isn't going to be the center of our world soon. I'm worried what having this second baby will do to her.

The thing I look most forward to in a day is watching certain shows on tv, so that's why the Biggest Loser came into play. The thing I look most forward to in my week is going to the doctor and getting away from Gwen for 2 hours. What a glamorous life I lead.

Talk to me in 2 weeks and 1 day, maybe I will have found some joy by then.

Although this picture does bring me some joy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just cause

She's so cute.

Monster was sick

Stella got VERY sick in September. She had to have her second surgery this year. This one was a result of kidney stones. She had 3 that were the size of a dime and a bunch of smaller ones the size of sand. When she got home Gwen tried to comfort her by giving her, her baby doll. I think it probably helped.


Last month we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends. I just barely downloaded the pictures from my camera. Gwen seemed to have fun but she didn't like walking through the field. She kept getting stuck on the vines.

And those pumpkins are still sitting on our porch, not carved. We're lame.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

32 weeks 6 days

Or was it 5 days, I can't remember. BUT...This was the time I went into labor with Gwen. Here's hoping that doesn't become a tradition. I'll let you know what the dr. says tomorrow. I have already started showing signs of pre-term labor and was put on meds to stop it. Tomorrow's appointment will tell us whether those drugs have worked or not. Hopefully I don't have to call Brett from Labor and Delivery telling him to come down and meet me, again.

UPDATE: I had my appointment today and all is well. I don't have to take the medicine as long as I'm not having lots of contractions, which I'm not. We talked about when I would have him. The dr. thought my due date was the 22nd, so she wanted to deliver him on the 16 of December. I asked if we could do it another day, since that is our wedding anniversary. She said we could do it the day before, but then realized we couldn't because they can't deliver the baby earlier than a week before it's due date, and my actual due date is the 24th. So maybe we will have him on the 17th (if her schedule permits) but probably on the 20th (my dad's bday and my good friend, Dayna's bday too). For me, I think the sooner, the better, so I'm rooting for the 17th. We'll see....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Crap, Gwen is cute!

Can you guess what we are?

All the grandkids with Oma and Pops

This was the first year Gwen went Trick-or-Treating. She freaking loved it! We went to my parent's house thinking, 'it's a nice neighborhood, maybe we'll score some full size candy bars!' We didn't, but we still had a lot of fun. We started out the night with dinner and then headed out. Right as we started the weather turned and the skies opened up and it POURED! I've never seen it rain so hard. You would think Gwen wouldn't like that, well you would be wrong. She didn't want to be under the umbrella, she didn't want to be held, and she didn't want us to hold her bag for her. She ran as fast as she could to catch up with the older kids and dragged her candy bag behind her as she squealed! When she would get up to a door she would push her way to the front and hold her hand up waiting for the candy. It was so funny. Then she would have to be the last to leave the door saying, "Tank tu!" as she waved like crazy saying goodbye to the people at the door. She did this at every single door. Near the end of our Trick-or-Treating the rain started to let up and a double rainbow came to visit. It was gorgeous! We could see the start and finish of the rainbows! We had a great time and can't wait for next year to share it with our new little guy!

Oh I forgot got our camera, of course, so all the pictures are courtesy of my sister-in-law.