Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orlando Day 3

Waffles are a good energy food...well, I'm sure it is in some country. If that's the case, I had to be sure to have plenty of them for my long day battling Floridian heat, humidity, and tourists because this was the day the Shirley's went to Sea World!

Since Tara was working a convention, I was able to get a discounted half day ticket. As a bonus, it's Sea World policy that, if you buy a ticket one day, you can go again the next day for free. It was too bad that Tara wouldn't be able to come with us.

Either everyone in Florida was really nice, or I do a really good job pulling off the struggling parent routine. Every time I got on or off the Sea World shuttle, there was always someone willing to help me get the stroller and Gwen situated. As a side note - while on this topic - I have never struck up conversation with so many older women willing to share stories of their grandchildren Gwen's age.

I didn't get it, the first few days we were there, it had rained for about 45 minutes every 2 hours, so I was counting on a little cloud cover. Nope. This was the first full day of sunshine! Did I mention it was hot? The heat made me a little nervous to keep Gwen outside for too long and I felt like an abusive daddy when I would see little beads of sweat on her nose. I strategically tried to seek out the indoor exhibits, but it is a long walk to Shamu stadium.

Shamu show was really neat, but I don't think Gwen really appreciated it. She spent most of the time trying to get people around us to smile at her. This is a rare picture I took when Gwen was actually watching the show.Add Image

I was amazed at how well Gwen did the whole day. She did so well, in fact, that I felt like I needed to get her some kind of radically over-priced souvenir. I was so proud of her.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Orlando Day 2

On the second day of our trip, I spent some more time sweating in a giant convention center while Brett and Gwen walked around Orlando, I'm sure doing their own fair share of sweating. First they walked over to The Peabody, a very nice hotel just across from the convention center I was working in. The hotel is world renowned for their ducks...of course. They have a bunch of ducks that live on their roof. Twice a day they are led down to the lobby to eat and play in the fountain. I was able to see them one of the last days we were there. It was adorable!

Brett also found this cool building that looked like it was upside down. In front there was a man with a bunch of exotic bird that would take pictures with people for money. I'm not sure if G was sold on the birds. On their way home they got stuck in a giant thunder storm. They were both soaked. When I got home that night the cup holders in the stroller were still filled with water. Tip for next Orlando visit, always carry an umbrella.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sleepy G

Yesterday G and I were sitting downstairs watching tv, then I looked over at her and found this. Too funny!