Thursday, April 28, 2011

So much...

It's been a ridiculously long time since I updated... and since I'm getting hounded by a few people, I guess I can update!

Gwen loves shoes. A family in our ward gave us a crazy amount of clothes and a huge box of shoes (that don't fit her yet). We had no idea she was so addicted to shoes. For some reason she likes to line them up in an arch in the hallway upstairs. It's weird.

She loves to read, especially with her daddy.

We went to Idaho for Brett's little brother's baby blessing. It was fun to see everyone and visit with Brett's Grandma S. and Grandpa K.

We got a new computer. And it's gorgeous. Now all we have to do is find a home for it, that isn't our kitchen table.

Gwen learned to draw circles. She also discovered that she likes to draw on EVERYTHING! Especially with pen.

Stella likes to walk in our flower planter on our patio.

Gwenny LOVES her friend Easton.... LOVES.... LOVES.... but might love his parents a little bit more. Everyday I hear about Redd and Di and Easton. We went to dinner with them and the kids and I went to the zoo with Di and Easton and had a great time. Gwen was in heaven.

She started doing this at dinner one night... not sure why.

Bossy smiles!!

I came downstairs one day to find Gwen looking like this. She loves to take off her pants and put my headbands on her head, I don't know why. But it sure is cute!

Bossy laughs!!

Tummy time is had by all.

Gwen is obsessed with getting her nails painted.

Boston went to the doctor for his 4 month check up. He's doing great!! His stats are:

weight- 15 lb. 8 oz. = 60%
height- 24.5" = 31%
head- 42.5cm = 54%

So he's a short round, but oh soooo adorable! He also got the go ahead to eat real people food! He loves it!

Stella discovered her new favorite place to rest... the baby's jungle gym, of course.

We dyed eggs with our friends, which means Gwen got to spend more time with her favorite people.

We spent Easter with my family. My parents had a little Easter egg hunt. All the kids had a great time! Gwen thought finding eggs was so cool that Brett had to hide them a second time for her to find them again!

And finally, today I put Boston on the floor on his back while I talked to someone at the door. When I shut the door at looked back at Bos, he was on his tummy!! Why does he do it when I'm not watching! It was his first back to tummy roll. He's such a genius!

So there you have it, the Shirley family's month in review. We had a great month, super busy, but good. I'll try to update a little bit more often.