Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sibling love

She did this all on her own, laid right down next to him and held his hand. Man, my kids are freaking cute!

Ready to go!

Gwen was ready to go on a walk with her dad. She didn't think she was missing anything. Do you?

Monday, February 14, 2011

In Her Shoes

Daddy smell my finger!

That's right folks, Gwen stuck her hand down her diappie and pulled out a little treat. Then stuck it in Brett's face. When Brett said, "Eeeww that smells bad" it clicked that maybe it wasn't chocolate on her fingers! SICK, I know! And I'm sorry to all my non-parent friends (Lacy). Well I'm sorry to my parent friends too, this is a gross story, but it was just too funny to not tell the story. Nothing says "Don't do that again!" like mommy laughing so hard she started to cry! Come on! How could I not laugh? Maybe if the poop covered finger had ended up in my face it wouldn't have been so funny.

Gwen is full of funnies lately. I was in the bedroom feeding Bos, Brett was downstairs. I thought Gwen was downstairs, he thought Gwen was upstairs. When he came up the stairs, Gwen was on the landing. All I heard was, "Oh Gwenny, your mom is going to be soooo mad at you!" I assumed she had gotten into the wipes. She loves those freaking wipes. He brought her into the bedroom and this is what I saw.

That's almost a whole tube of A&D bum cream... ON HER FACE! She apparently loves that stuff too! Talk about trying not to laugh. She had it up her nose and in her mouth, all over her hands, everywhere! We had to give her a bath to get it off.

She thought it was so funny. She saw herself in the mirror and started laughing. Man, she's a good time!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


How many ways can we say it? Gwen is TWO!!! We didn't have a big shindig this year. We had our neighbor friends over for dinner and cake and had a great time. I can't believe my little girl is 2! We went to the doctor for her 2 year check up. She weighs 26.8 lbs, she is 33.25" tall and her head is GIGANTIC, 84th percentile! She's very nearly average in the other 2 categories.

At 2, Gwen likes to color with crayons (sometimes on walls, furniture and windows), play with her blocks, go on walks (she LOVES walks), she loves to play with her Daddy and her favorite toy is her dolly. She feeds her doll, burps her doll and puts her doll in the car seat, just like Mommy does with her baby. It's so funny watching Gwen treat her baby doll like I treat Boston. She loves her little brother, loves him so much I'm afraid she's going to love him to death sometimes. Oh let's not forget how much she loves wipes. She could go through a whole box of wipes in a day if I would let her. She cleans everything with them. Walls, furniture, people. Everything. She also throws really awesome temper tantrums. And last but not least, she loves her pooty, which is her binky for those who are wondering. I hate it, but she can't live without it. Especially since the baby came. She needs one in her mouth and one in her hand, almost all day long. Did I mention I hate it. But I feel like she deserves it for a little while since her world was turned around when we brought home Bos.

We sure love Gwen and can't believe how much joy she brings into our lives.

Our neighbor friends that Gwen loves so much!