Sunday, October 26, 2008

My CMYK girls

My 3 girlfriends and I have a monthly tradition. Around the second week of every month we go to dinner and sometimes a movie too. We usually try to go somewhere none of us have ever gone before, and we really like going to small, hole in the wall places. This month we went to a little place that you may have heard of, it's called the Olive Garden. HA! The salad sounded really good to me and the girls were cool with it. We have been going to dinner every month for about a year, and have never taken photos, but this time I remembered!! Here's our first CMYK photo ever.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Favorite people

Last week I was able to see 2 very old friends that I pretty much haven't even talked to since high school. It was so fun to catch up, they both look the same! Angela (Barnett) Bladen came to visit her parents in Farmington and was able to go to dinner with me and Brett. She brought one of her little guys, Dalin, he is so cute! Unfortunately I didn't get any picture with them, maybe next time we see them, which hopefully won't be in 10 more years.

Two days later, one of my most favorite people ever, came to Park City to shop with her girlfriends, and invited me to join them. Lisa Valdama, LOVE her! She's the same, still totally awesome and it was like we had seen each other everyday. No awk-weird moments, just fun!! This was the weekend of our first snowstorm, so I was very grateful that I was able to get to Park City and home safely. Oh, and she totally started crying when we first saw each other, it was hilarious!! She's the coolest! Can't wait to see her again.

This is what we woke up to last weekend.

A few more weeks ago, another one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE people, Dayna, came to town for a minute. We went to Provo to have dinner and talk. Fun as always. She just did her first triathlon today and I am so proud of her! Wish I could have been there to cheer her on.

Take one down, pass it around....

99 days of pregnancy to go!!!

If anyone is paying attention to the little baby ticker to the left, you will notice that today, October 19, marks 99 days left until the baby is due!! We've made it to 2 digit numbers, no more hundreds of days left!! It's still too long, I'm terribly uncomfortable and pretty much hate being pregnant, but I am so grateful and excited!! I can't wait to meet this little one.

This is what I've got Brett doing today.

Sewing! I don't really know how to sew, but I wanted to make a runner for our table. So I started it, and Brett is finishing it! Like usual. He wasn't too happy with me taking a picture of him being domestic. Sorry babe.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This afternoon we had to have another ultrasound. At my appointment last week I was measuring 4 weeks bigger than I should be and the doc was worried. So we went in today and everything is fine! The doctor said the baby is perfect! She is measuring 1 pound 14 ounces (she should be measuring 1 pound 12 ounces) so she is just a tiny bit bigger than she should be, but nothing out of the ordinary. I do have a lot of fluid, but not more than they want me to have, so that is ok too! I'm having the glucose (gestational diabetes) test earlier than normal, to make sure it's not that, but I think everything is ok.

The tech that did our first ultrasound pointed out how cute our babies bum is, and the doctor who did the ultrasound today said the same thing! So apparently she is going to have an awesome butt! Here's hoping at least!! HA! And they did verify that the baby is definitely a girl, so we don't need to worry about that either.

We were able to get the coveted profile picture this time, so enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ross Shirley

June 25, 1912 - October 1, 2008

As Tara mentioned in an earlier post, last week was a hard one. Both of us lost our granpdpas, just 2 days apart. Loosing someone close to you is never easy. Certainly, I wasn't the closest person to Grandpa, but he has been a solid figure in my life as long as I've been alive. Thanks to frequent visits, a couple fishing trips, and one entire summer of sleepovers, I started to feel pretty close to both him and Grandma.

When thinking about all the good times we had with Grandpa, it's impossible to ignore everyone else that was present during those times. There are so many occasions we got together as a family, if for nothing less, than to simply enjoy each other's company. Towards the end, Grandpa would so quietly disappear that few would notice. Not because he wasn't enjoying himself, but because of the amount of energy it takes to be that old. Who could blame him, there are times I wish I could escape the steady background noise of guitars and 60's rock, screaming great-grandchildren, and elevated conversation. Yet, it was all thanks to him that we were there at all, and had a place to catch up with each other.

If I was going to pick one word that would describe Grandpa's funeral, it would be pride - not typically one of the words associated with the passing of a loved one. Certainly, we all feel a little grief and some sorrow that Grandpa isn't going to be around anymore. At least, that's how I feel about it. But from my Dad, and from his brothers and sister, I couldn't help but notice pride in each of their faces. It was easy to tell that, much more than any sadness and sorrow, they were proud to have had a man like Grandpa as a father. They were proud that he was a man of strong mental and moral character. They were proud to have had him as a role model. They were proud to have simply known him.

I was fortunate to have had a few one on one experiences with Grandpa. Thinking about it now, I'm sure all of us that knew him can participate with pride in the lessons we have learned from him.

We love you Grandpa, and we'll miss you.

Alfred Leroy Ewer

October 13, 1924 - September 29, 2008

My grandpa passed away on Septemeber 29 at the ripe old age of 84. We had his funeral this last weekend. It was beautiful. He served in the US Navy, so he received a military burial. I had never seen one before so it was a great experience. There was a bagpiper, a 3 gun salute and a bugle. Needless to say that as soon as the music started, the tears started. And really, there is no stopping those, especially since I've been pregnant. I'm sad to have lost my grandpa but so happy that he is now reunited with my grandma, the love of his life. Now all my grandparents get to meet our little girl before we do and prepare her for what to expect with me as her mother. I'm sure they are encouraging her to torment me and Brett, like I did my parents.

Here is a small excerpt from his obituary:

He served honorably in the US Navy durring WW11 aboard the USS Dunlap in the Pacific. He not only repaired the diabled ship, but laso designed and built the required tools. He married Fern Hart, became the beloved father to her three children and later added two more. He joined the LDS Church and the family was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.... He was a true gentleman and will always be an example of Christlike love, selfless love. He was always gracious and appreciative. He tenderly cared for his eternal companion until her death...."

My grandpa was one of the most kind and gently men I've ever met. He really did set a great example for Christlike behavior for all of us. I didn't know him as well as some of my siblings did, but I loved him dearly and will miss him terribly.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

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