Monday, June 13, 2011

1 in 20 black birds

Sure sure, it wasn't a black bird, it was a crow. And there weren't 20, but it sounded like there were. Brett and I... ok, maybe more Stella than anyone, found a baby crow today. I had seen a crow hopping around on our grass all day. But I didn't think much of it. But when Brett came home, we realized that it was a baby that had been pushed out of the nest. Brett wanted to just let it die (cause he's a bad person). I called Animal Control, who told me to call Wildlife something or other. They told me to bring it in to them. I wasn't about to touch a crow, especially with all of it's family members screaming at me (I've seen "The Birds" thank you very much). So I made Brett do it! We put him in a box and drove him all the way up to Ogden. They said he was in really bad shape and that he would have to stay with them for a year until new feathers grew in! Poor little guy hadn't been taken care of by his crap parents and would have died if not for me. Cause I'm a good person!

**No birds were baked in a pie either, just in case someone was worried**
***This isn't a picture of our bird, I didn't take one of him***