Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tara Gets Hit On by Her Nephew

A few weeks ago, Tara and I invited our sister-in-law, Anna, over for dinner. Anna is good company, but she also brought Grant.

Normally, Grant is happy and well-behaved. But, today things were different. Anna said he was acting up all day and that she was really getting tired of it. So, right before she left for our place, she gave him a little calming elixir.

This didn't sit well with Grant. Apparently, Grant can't really hold his Robitussin. It makes him angry. First, he demanded we practice tumbling and forced me to spot him.

It didn't take him long to become bored with tumbling. Instead, he decided he wanted to look cool. So he stole my sunglasses.

He was loud and rude and all the neighbors were starting to peek in our windows to figure out what was happening. And that's when he saw her...

"She is so pretty!" Grant thought. "Maybe I should go put my moves on her." So he did.

Not very subtle Grant.

Tara was flattered by the gesture. Brett became very jealous and demanded that he be put back in his car-seat.

There is no bad blood between Brett and Grant, but the invitation for dinner won't be extended until Grant dries out a little.

The end.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Patting Myself on the Back

As most of you know, we have made alot of updates to our new place. Many of them were simply cosmetic, but there are also a few made out of necessity. I would like to direct your focus to the cosmetic changes which are in place thanks to my two hands. I will show them to you now using what would appear to be a "Super Sweet 16" photoshop filter added in for dramatic effect:

I've installed two light fixtures, a new faucet, and not only replaced the toilet seat but reconnected the back of the toilet to the base. For not having any journeyman experience, I'd say I've done a pretty good job. So, I'll just keep patting myself on the back so you won't have to.

The rese of these pictures are merely here for your viewing pleasure. I'll let you invent your own little story to go along with them.

Our new additions!

When we went to California a few weeks ago, we brought back a few more things. My birds, Tiel and Miranda. Miranda had a hard time on the drive back. For the first hour of the trip he would climb to the top of the cage and then fall off every time we hit a bump or said a word. Then he just clung on for dear life the rest of the time. Niether of them wouldn't eat or drink unless it came from our hands. So yes, I bottle fed Miranda some water. He drank right out of my water bottle! It was adorable and ridiculous all at the same time.

We also brought back some treats for the birds! Just kidding Dad. Look how great they are doing! The one on the left is about to bloom! Only a few leaves have died. Thanks Dad.

Outside shot

Some people wanted to see the outside of our new condo, so here ya go. It's lovely, I know. But inside it's starting to look pretty spiffy!

We have a front door and a back door. We park at the back door, so that's what we mostly use. Too bad our trashy neighbors smoke 17 packs a day, or we could actually enjoy having a window or two open.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


What's wrong with this sign?

California Dreamin'

We went to California to visit my parents a few weeks ago and hit just about every tourist attraction there is! We had a busy but fun vacation. We went to the LaBrea Tar Pits, the LACMA, Universal Studios, Santa Monica pier with Brett's cousin and his girlfriend, the Hollywood sign, and the best burger place on the planet, Tommy's Burgers!! Oh and of course we went to the beach, and of course we left with VERY bad sunburns. Why don't I ever listen to my dad when he tells me to put on sun screen.

Cool Kids Club

I am 27 years old, I have been graduated from high school for 9 years, graduated from college for 2 years, and now I have a great career. So why is there still the cool kids club!? Why is it that even in a workplace, where everyone is adults, is there is a clique of people that always manage to make you feel like your the last one to be picked for the kick ball team! It's stupid and childish and I'm sick of it. Do people ever grow up, or is this going to be the way it is for the rest of eternity?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Before, during and almost after

As many of you know, Brett and I have purchased our very own condo! We are now in Centerville, Utah. It's a pretty small town which is totally foreign to be, since I grew up mostly in Southern California. But it's great! She needs a little work, as you can tell by the pics, but it will be super... hopefully.

Aint she a beauty! This is just the family room. We'll show each room as we finish them (gotta keep you coming back for more). This room is almost suitable for an after picture... almost.

Up, Up and Away!

Brett and I decided that we would start our own blog, so our friends and family could see what was going on with us and so we could post some of our latest work. So we'll see where this goes. Hope you enjoy!