Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ain't she a beauty?

So remember how I broke my finger in January... Working out. Lame. After having 3 pins put in, that was THREE, I said, I've had multiple follow up appointments where the doc has told me it's possible I would need the joint fussed together. Well today, at what WILL be my last appointment, he told me my sweet little pinky finger will always look terrible and the movement will never get better. And technically he thinks it would be best to fuse the first joint together so it would be straighter and not have any more pain. And to top it off, he said he would also release the tendon in that finger so the second joint would move more than 20 degrees. Who needs more than 20 degrees of movement?! Come on!

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Lisa, Adam and Macey said...

Tara, that stinks! I'm so sorry and hope it at least stops hurting. Just wanted you to know that you have such a darling family. Your kids are super, super cute. Hope you guys are doing well!